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Remote Education

Remote Education is where the pupil and the teacher are not physically present in a traditional classroom environment and information is relayed by other means, such as through online technology. When online technology is used this can occur synchronously with real-time interaction and communication, or asynchronously, with pre-recorded learning episodes that can be viewed at any time and take place independently of the teacher.

At Mercia School, we will use pre-recorded seminars to accompany booklet work. Pupils will continue to learn as they do in class. Teacher direction, using exercise books and keeping up with annotations are all similar features of our Remote Education and offer a flexibility of task, pace and engagement.

What can you expect from our Remote Curriculum?

Remote Education will involve the delivery of our current traditional and academically rigorous curriculum. This continues through the use of pre-recorded lessons on Microsoft Teams. These lessons can be accessed at any time by pupils, which means that in the context of shared devices, there is some flexibility. Mercia School’s key principles of instruction, as outlined in the teaching and learning policy (Excellent Teaching Framework), will be at the heart of all remote provision.

At Mercia School, we want to ensure that pupils continue to learn and make exceptional progress and the remote education plans outlined reflect the quality first delivery pupils enjoy in school every day. Pupils will have access to their subject booklets including knowledge organisers and self-study resources to  support lessons. Pupils will receive clear explanations of new content which builds on previous learning, using scaffolded practice and applying new knowledge with the support of the pre-recorded lesson. Feedback on progress will be given once each booklet has been completed and returned to school. Feedback will continue in lessons as normal, with the use of prepared answers, pupil marking and regular quizzing.

When working at home, pupils will be expected to adhere to the high standards to which they are accustomed in school. These standards will be affirmed through the remote sessions continually and your support would be welcomed with this. Classroom routines will be maintained, as much as possible.

Please take the time to read the Remote Education Guidance below:


Remote Education Guidance (PDF)

Remote Education Policy



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