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School Charity Work

Throughout each academic year, we fundraise and regularly update parents and other stakeholders on our progress. We encourage our pupils to be charitable and work hard to be as giving as possible. We have been successful in this regard since we opened. 

Shipshape Food Bank 

Annually, we support Shipshape Community Food Bank, a local organisation based in Sharrow. Pupils and their families dig deep and raid their cupboards to provide additional food and other products for those in our community who need it most. This happens in December every year. 


Sheffield Children's Hospital 2019-20

In 2018-19 and 2019-20, we raised over £1,600 for Sheffield Children's Hospital. The fundraising effort was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, hence why we focussed on one charity over two academic years. This allowed the school to raise a sizeable amount for a very worthy cause. As a part of this effort, Mercia School participated in Sheffield Children's Hospital's 'We are going on a bear hunt' campaign. 


Save the Children 2020-21

In 2020-21, despite much disruption, the school raised £1,350 for Save the Children. Many of our pupils were extremely keen to fundraise for the victims of the conflict in the Middle East. We were very proud to show our support to the children who were orphaned or suffering as a direct consequence of the fighting between Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, most notably in Gaza. 

The Children's Society 2021-22 

Through a wide range of initiatives, the school donated £1,711.80 to The Children's Society. The money will be used to support young people living in disadvantaged circumstances. The school was very proud to support such a wonderful charity. 

Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) 2022-23

In October 2022, pupils held another bake sale to raise money for DEC's Pakistan Flood Appeal Fund. Pupils did a brilliant job - yet again - and raised £1,423.55. We are so proud of our pupils and look forward to raising more money throughout the school year.

Save the Children 2023-24

In November 2023, the school held its annual bake sale to raise money for the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza. With many of those caught up in the conflict children, the school was keen to support this very worthy charity and their Gaza Appeal. The school's community really stepped up and raised £2267.65.  An amazing achievement for a vital cause.