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Adverse Weather Procedure

We will always make every attempt to keep the school open. We believe every second of time in school is precious and we will always do our very best to remain open. The Estates Team will clear snow and grit the school service roads and paths to help ensure the school is open, but also totally safe.

Should a decision to close the school be reached by the Senior Leadership Team, it will not be taken lightly.  Our priority is the health and safety of pupils and staff. If we cannot guarantee their health and safety, we may have to close the school.  To reiterate, we will only close the school as an absolute last resort.

There may also be rare occasions when we have to close early to enable staff and pupils to get home safely if weather conditions deteriorate significantly during the school day.  In these rare cases, the school will always remain open so that pupils can stay warm and dry until they are picked up or have made arrangements to go home.

During periods of adverse weather conditions, the following steps will be taken to inform parents of the school’s actions:

  1. Information about the school's course of action will always be posted on our school website by 6:30 am.
  2. Updates posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts by 6:30 am.

Conditions will be monitored closely throughout the day, with updates on any changes posted on the website and social media accounts.