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Why Mercia?

At Mercia School we offer an education that is traditional and academically rigorous. It is our belief that all pupils, whatever their background, have a right to a culturally rich education. We strive to ensure all pupils can access the very best universities in the land, or a valuable alternative.

All Mercia pupils:

  • Believe hard work leads to success;
  • Are inquisitive and strive to master knowledge in all areas;
  • Show impeccable behaviour at all times;
  • Are leaders who take responsibility for their learning and actions;
  • Are passionate learners;
  • Display respect, kindness and gratitude as standard;
  • Are committed to the school’s values;
  • Remain curious and are keen to develop an independent mind.

All Mercia parents:

  • Support the high expectations of Mercia School;
  • Are fiercely loyal to the values of the school;
  • Share an unshakeable bond with teachers and the school ethos;
  • Embrace and support the school’s discipline model;
  • Are aspirational for their child and support the school’s academically rigorous curriculum;
  • Understand the positive role they must take in ensuring their child is culturally enriched.

All Mercia staff:

  • Are relentless in supporting the school’s ambition to be the very best school in the UK;
  • Are leaders of knowledge in their specialism;
  • Understand it is their professional imperative to be at the forefront of educational debate, research and practice;
  • Conduct themselves professionally in and out school and uphold high standards of dress, speech and are passionate lovers of learning who find joy in helping young people;
  • Take pride in being a highly-skilled individual that is professional;
  • Are emotionally intelligent;
  • Keep commitments made to students, families and colleagues;
  • Show kindness and gratitude at all times;
  • Work hard for young people;
  • Constantly look to make a positive difference;
  • Are aspirational for all students.