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The Professional Schools

Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form scholars aspire to study in the most prestigious professions. We support their pursuits with a bespoke curriculum advancing admission to the most competitive university courses and the professions beyond. When accepted into Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form, scholars apply to join one of our Professional Schools: Medicine, Law, Architecture and Engineering, Finance and Arts and Social Sciences.

Our Professional Schools are dedicated to guiding scholars on their path to academic excellence and personal development. Each school, led by expert ‘Profs’, offers a tailored curriculum that combines in-depth subject knowledge with essential life skills. Scholars engage in rigorous reading and discussion sessions, exploring topics relevant to their chosen disciplines while also broadening their horizons with vital university preparation, interview skills, and financial literacy. Our Professional Schools provide a nurturing environment where scholars can explore their passions, discover potential career paths, and excel academically, ensuring they are well-prepared for their future endeavours.

Through our Professional Schools, scholars immerse themselves in their chosen field while benefiting from a holistic education that prepares them for the most competitive universities worldwide. With an emphasis on intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and real-world applications, our Professional Schools empower scholars to become well-rounded, forward-thinking individuals ready to tackle the challenges of higher education and beyond.