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The House System

At Mercia School, we operate a house system to underpin our drive for competition and high standards. Pupils are sorted in to their house during inauguration week, the very first week of term.

The house system is an excellent way to bolster our pastoral support. We absolutely ensure all pupils receive the pastoral care they need and deserve, as and when required. No child will be left to struggle, especially if they have any additional needs. All pupils are fully involved with activities led by the House System. 

The houses at Mercia School are:

All of our houses are named after great British individuals who embody and exhibit our school values, as well as being individuals of great stature and success in times of toil and hardship. We accept that our house leaders are from another time and we use our knowledge of these times to put in to perspective their views and actions. We teach about their flaws, just as much as we teach their virtues. 

Our school values are:

  • Academia
  • Brilliance
  • Commitment
  • Determination
  • Excellence
  • Fortitude 
  • Gratitude