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Elite University Preparation

The Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form will help scholars exceed their potential and be the very best version of themselves. Our provision will provide scholars with the knowledge, skills and mindset that will make an Elite University place a real possibility.

Our Elite University Preparation will begin the moment pupils start at Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form. We will not wait until Year 13 to initiate our preparations. Readying pupils for the challenges of Elite University applications will be a key priority for the sixth form and its staff from the moment we commence. With the help of our Mastery Curriculum, BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) and University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) preparation, and bespoke wider curriculum. We are confident that all Mercia Collegiate Sixth Formers will have competitive applications and thus receive offers to continue their studies at Russell Group Universities after A Level.

Whilst we will focus on Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities, our Elite University preparation will not be confined to the elite institutions on these shores alone. Throughout the lifespan of Mercia School, we have discussed with scholars the opportunities of study abroad. We hope that some of the scholars that attend Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form will set their sights on the prestigious Ivy League in America. By learning closely from the most successful Sixth Forms in the country, we are confident that we have the capacity and expertise to provide some of the best preparation for applying to these prestigious institutions.

Our ambitions have no limits - and when you are with us - you won’t either.

All Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form scholars will understand that the entire world of higher education is open to them all. We will provide scholars with the resources they need to submit high quality applications. We have individuals within our staff who can help realise ambitions and assist all in reaching the deserved next step.