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Are we right for you?

Teachers should be able to teach!

Our school is different. We believe in discipline, teachers as experts and total honesty as professionals. We want applications from individuals who are eager to learn and adapt, and don’t shy away from feedback, but act on it.

The list below should help you to decide if Mercia School is right for you.

Knowledge Teaching

We believe in standing at the front of the class and teaching. We do not believe in learning styles. Subject teachers ensure all pupils, whatever their ability, learn well.  We support all learners to reach their potential through first-class teaching and our Curriculum Leaders, SENCO and other senior staff design intervention for those pupils that require additional support, but no child is ever removed from lessons. 

We believe in feeding back to pupils from the front because pupils tend to make the same mistakes. We believe in rows of desks and learning things by heart. We do not believe in group work – it can waste time and we never waste time in a lesson. Every second is precious.

CPD for Staff

CPD for staff starts as soon as the teacher is appointed. We ask new staff to read numerous articles and books. We invite them in for meetings to ensure they are fully prepared for life at Mercia School. 

In September, new teachers use our Inauguration Week (transition week) to learn how to teach in the traditional style we advocate. Senior teachers provide helpful, supportive feedback to help all new staff get off to a flying start.

New staff have two full days of CPD training the day before school opens. Then, during Inauguration, there is further CPD training. We also provide new staff CPD throughout a staff member's time at Mercia School. We call our weekly CPD 'Deliberate Practice' which is a time where staff literally rehearse and refine our approach to teaching and learning. 

A firm, but fair approach 

Our teachers are warm and compassionate, but they have incredibly high expectations relating to behaviour and attitudes.  If you think it is too harsh to give a child a detention if they do not have their pen, Mercia is not the school for you. We hold parents to account as well and insist that they support their child by supporting our rules. We meet all families one-to-one in the summer before pupils start in September, this helps foster a positive relationship from the very beginning. These meetings help create an orderly school where pupils are safe, secure and happy. We insist that teachers reward pupils when they deserve it, but also sanction pupils when they misbehave. Mercia School requires staff who are willing to 'sweat the small stuff'. Equally, you need to help pupils reflect on mistakes and support them to move forward positively.

Work-life balance

We know that teaching is the most rewarding, exhilarating but exhausting profession. To make sure our staff do not burnout, we focus on feedback not marking, do not set homework and ban meaningless displays. We only meet when absolutely necessary. We respect teacher time. Our staff nurture a healthy, sustainable balance between their school and home lives.  

Culture & Enrichment

To ensure our pupils flourish, we have established a very calm, warm culture. Our pupils feel safe and secure, our teachers can teach and senior leaders use common sense and compassion in their leadership. We do not believe in wasting time and have established a highly efficient environment that maximises time for professional development and pupil achievement. The school is an incredibly happy place. Teachers are kind to pupils and each other, our culture is built on honesty and we support each other in everything we do. 

As a dedicated member of Mercia staff, you will be expected to contribute to our Elective Programme. Our children showcase creativity and express themselves in enriching activities that broaden their minds. At Mercia we believe in promoting the Arts and creative subjects. We have a rich culture of sport and are dedicated to a broad curriculum which inspires. We ask our staff to contribute to this programme.