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Admissions and Application

Applications are open!



Applications for 2024 are now open! Please access our online application form via the link below to apply:

Mercia School (

Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form will really challenge any individual who wishes to apply. There will be a need for pupils to be determined as they undertake the application process. We know that character is important, and we want to offer an opportunity for that to shine. Entrance requirements are on the website.

The admissions process includes the following key steps:

1. A 45-minute examination in two out of three subjects chosen. Pupils need to pass these examinations to have a chance of being offered a place.

2. Successful pupils who pass the aptitude examinations will be offered an interview.

3. The aptitude examinations and interview will be considered, with places offered to individuals who exceed a pre-set qualification score.

All interested applicants are advised to attend our Open Events: Saturday October 19th 10am-12pm and Thursday 21st  November 6-8pm. Applications open online after the first event, and the deadline is 31 December 2024. 

We recommend applicants refer to the website and Open Days for more information.