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Admissions and Application

Applications are open!

You can apply for a place at Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form by visiting:

Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form will really challenge any individual who wishes to apply. There will be a need for pupils to be determined as they undertake the application process. We know that character is important, and we want to offer an opportunity for that to shine. The process will include the following key steps:

  1. A 45-minute examination in 2 out of 3 subjects chosen. Pupils need to pass these examinations in order to have a chance of being offered a place
  2. Successful pupils who pass the aptitude examinations will be offered an interview
  3. The aptitude examinations and interview will be considered, with places offered to individuals who exceed a pre-set qualification score

If successful, a first-class transition will be implemented by Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form’s staff. In order to ensure all pupils are ready to join the Mercia community.

Contact from the Head of Sixth Form and your Mastery Tutor, as well as visits to Mercia School itself, will be organised. Individual plans will be drawn up for each pupil new to Mercia to ensure that all are fully immersed in the school’s ethos and values before commencing their studies. All scholars attending Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form will attend an Inauguration Week so all of the sixth form expectations and routines are understood before studying commences.

Induction will be a priority to ensure scholars are fully ingratiated into the community and meet their staff team fully.